Tibial Tuberosity Advancement 2 (TTA2)

Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture is the most common injury seen in dogs. Created in 2002 by Swiss surgeons, the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) has been performed widely across the United States sine 2004 with great success. There have been in excess of 100,000 TTA cases performed by more that 1,000 surgeons since it was launched.

The TTA achieves neutralization of the abnormal forces created by a CCL rupture. These forces are counteracted while preserving the congruency of the stifle joint. The TTA2 is described as the “next step in the evolution of the TTA”. There are two major differences in the TTA2:
1) There is an incomplete osteotomy (bone cut) in the TTA2 versus a complete step tony with the original TTA.
2) One single implant (cage) versus a cage plus a bone plate and multiple bone screws.

This simplified technique preserves blood supply to the bone which is necessary for bone healing. There is also a decrease in surgical time, as well as a decrease in the overall size and number of implants. This in turn leads to a decrease in anesthesia time, decreased risk of infection, deceased damage to the bone and increase of bone ingrowth necessary for healing.