Fracture Repair

Most broken bones in dogs and cats require repair. Open reduction and internal fixation involves surgery to realign the fragments and hold them in place until healing occurs. Healing can take from 8 to 12 weeks and varies with the location and severity of the break, the method of fixation, and the age and temperament of the patient. Methods of repair include everything from bone plate and screws, pins and wires, external fixators, to in rare cases bandaging and splints alone.

Bone plates and screws are the strongest support method and offer the most reliable method for most long bone fractures. Examples of these are fractures of the humerus, radius, femur, and tibia. Bone plates are also used for many pelvic, jaw, and spinal fractures. Pins, wires, external fixators, and specialized plates can be used for fractures of the lower extremities like to the carpus or tarsus or in special circumstances.

At All Pet’s, our surgeon selects the best method of fracture fixation for your pet to deliver the highest success rate and long term outcome.