My name is Alphie. Over the weekend, I was hit by car. I had trouble walking and could not make it home. A kind man saw me on the road side and brought me here to All Pets. They have been taking great care of me. They treated my wounds and provide me 24 hour care. However, they told me that I have a broken leg. No wonder I was having trouble walking!

Dr. Newton is the surgery specialist here. She says that I have a nasty break, but it can be fixed with a very complicated and expensive surgery. It will require a specially ordered plate just for me.

Dr. Itkin and his staff only want the best for me and have volunteered their time and services. They will even keep me here until I am fully recovered from surgery and available for adoption. All Pets will keep you updated on my recovery and will provide my adoption application soon.

Please, share my story and help me find the loving home I deserve.

All Pets will be accepting donations on behalf of my surgical costs. Although, they are donating their services there are additional costs relevant to my treatment. This will also assist them to continue helping other pets like me in a time of need. To make a donation to their Stray Animal Relief , contact All Pets Emergency and Referral Center at (678)366-2500.